The Ask

Develop and manage professional brand for veteran MLB outfielder, Curtis Granderson, to grow a loyal fan community, win awards and accolades, increase media presence, and promote special events and fundraisers.

The Solution

As brand managers, Coleture has developed and executed Curtis’ Grand Kids Foundation that has since grown to multiple charitable organizations. Additionally, Coleture helped oversee the development of Curtis Granderson Stadium at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor sports complex.

The Details

Curtis Granderson and Coleture have been in partnership for over a decade and have seen a vast improvement in Granderson’s professional and personal brand presence.

The Stats

17.5M meals for children and families in need
200K+ social followers
10 years of Coleture representation
3 Marvin Miller Man of the Year Awards
1 ESPN Humanitarian award nomination
1 MLB Roberto Clemente award